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Types of Plastic Cord Grip

Plastic cord grips are used to securely fix the positions of wires, cables and pipe fittings. Its texture is tough, and it is not easy to break. So, it is a good choice when arranging cables.

Features of plastic cord grip

(1) Light weight - its weight is only 1 / 5 of that of metal; (2) Insulation - its resistance is very high; (3) Corrosion resistance - anti rust and anti-corrosion; (4) Heat insulation - its thermal conductivity is low; (5) Nonmagnetic - it is nonmagnetic. 

These characteristics make the plastic cord grip widely used in electrical, electronic, medical, automotive, semiconductor, civil construction and other industries.

Classification of Plastic Cord Grip

1. Standard Type Cord Grip

It is suitable for cables, wires, pipes and optical fibers. It has long-lasting corrosion resistance and is used in many industries such as electronics, automobiles, airplanes, home appliances and so on.

2.  Ring Flat Plastic Cord Grip

This product is releasable, reusable, which can quickly clamp the front of the flat cable without the aid of a plate or chassis.

3. Plastic Twist Ring

It is suitable for bundling of wires and cables. And it can be reused.

4. Plastic Hose Clamp-A type

The ratchet locking design can prevent hoses and pipe fittings from falling out. This product is used in commercial electrical appliances, power/electronics, large RV/ships, automobiles and other industries. It is used for fixing between two hose interfaces and fixing wires and cables. And it has good corrosion resistance.

5. Double-Sided Clamping Plastic Hose Clamp

The double-sided clamping type hose clamp has the feature of double-sided locking teeth, which can provide stronger clamping force. This product is used in electric power, electrical appliances, ships, automobiles and other industries.

6. Spring Clamp

This product provides a solution for quick installation and arrangement of round cable, flat cable and pipe. The spring clamp can also be used on the lining plate, glass, display or label to check, add or replace the wire. You only need to pull the end of the spring clamp that is not fixed by the screw to carry out the operation.

7. P-type Clamp

It is easy to install; it is suitable for clamping cables and pipes; its flame retardant rating is: UL94V2; the diameter of the screw mounting hole is 4.6 mm.

8. Split Type Cable Management Clip

The design of the split cable management clamp requires that the wires be put into the clamp before installation, and then inserted into the pre-opened hole.

9. Overhead Type Clamp

The viscous adhesive is fused with the base with elastic design to match the convex or concave cable. The flexible base makes this product suitable for small or thick cylindrical tubes, and cables with irregular surfaces with edges and corners. The product is injection-molded with nylon 66, and the adhesive part has a small extra peelable sticker for easy removal. This product also uses 3M VHB high-viscosity adhesive, which has reliable and high-strength adhesion.

10. Nail-in Clamp

Molded nail-in clamps are used to safely install cable TV, optical fiber, computer network cables, telephone and other communication system cables, hydraulic and pneumatic system cables. This clip is injection molded with high-density polyethylene material with flexibility, electrical insulation, and UV resistance. The nail-in type clamp can be installed simply and effectively, and the cost is low. This product is suitable for ordinary cables with a diameter of 4mm to 9mm, including RG59 coaxial cables and double shielded cables.

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Qianzhou Village, Liushi Town , Yueqing City , Zhejiang , China 325604
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